I am retired from ABB (ASEA) in Sweden -Czech Republic -Indonesia -India -England and more brief jobs on most continents. I use this page as a  link to family particulary grandchildren. In the best of worlds it may also give a chance to reinstate long lost contacts around the globe. News? What became of old friends and what about all our business efforts? 

Contact: Hans-Erik Johansson, Morhagsvägen 28, SE 77012 Sunnansjö, Sweden


The gateway to Sarek

Sarek is one wild area of Europe with absolutely no tourist facilities. Rain is more or less normal, shelter nonexistent. Here are ice-cold streams but no bridges (except one)

The calmness of this picture is a lure. Westwards await dirty mud or stony paths lined by unbending undergrowth. But also spectacular views with high altitude valleys and glaciers.